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Increasingly more areas of our lives move to virtual space. Cemeteries are no exception. It is sort of a ritual for the older generation to look after the traditional grave, but the younger generation's relation to those that have passed away is slightly different. It's not because they care less for their loved ones, simply the pace of life and the way of socializing is changing.

Therefore, the Grave Viewer, virtual cemetery is meant for a modern person, who is used to having convenient and easy access to everything on the Internet.

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What Is a Virtual Grave?

Easily and quickly create a virtual grave: fill in the profile of the deceased. The grave can always be visited online, no matter in what part of the world you are at that moment.

You will get a unique QR code made of high-quality aluminium alloy which will last for many decades to the address you specify via registered mail.

Attach the QR code to the monument. Now anyone close to the deceased can visit the virtual grave by scanning the QR code with their smartphone. Optionally you can make it private.

Obituaries, photos, memorial books, actual grave location on a map, videos, social network connections and more - all of this can be added to the virtual grave.

What Is a Qr Code?

The QR code is very simple to use. You just need to have a smartphone app to scan QR code labels. Simply scan the label with your phone and let the app do the magic for you: decipher the scanned QR code, which in most cases is going to be a website address, so you will be automatically directed to that website.

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